“Reflections Of My Imagination” Is CipherSkillz First Single Drop For the year 2020.

The last single / track CipherSkillz droped is Nine 12 in 2019. Now he is back with a new single titled Reflections Of My Imagination. CipherSkillz Reflections Of My Imagination single surely ready to claim his rightful place on top of the music charts, only if he markets his music well, not like his previous single he released.

We think the track is influenced by the likes of FKA Mash, Kid Fonque, Zito Mowa, Tahir Jones and many similar artists with awesome piano melodies and warm pads. The question is, if this the kind of music he will be releasing then when will he release his EP to hear his full body of work?

With that said Urban Lifestyle recommend this single to be on every DJ playlist or set. Have a listen to the track by clicking the play button above.

Artist: CipherSkillz

Genre: Electronics/Deep House/Dance


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