Manyelo Dafro ‘Heal Afrika’ Out now.

Manyelo Dafro is a duo consisting of Aero Manyelo & Dafro who have joined forces to create a unique production team. But who is Aero Manyelo and Dafro?

That is a discussion to talk about for another day. The discussion we are focusing on is the release of Manyelo Dafro EP – “Heal Afrika” which is experimenting with Afro, Electronics & Techno. Their are producing something totally fresh and exciting in the South African dance space & this EP showcase’s their experiments from their first track to track no 3.

This is what some DJ had to say about the EP:

Very interesting music. I like how I can’t define it’s settlement. It’s just really good! Masokola is very very solid.


Fantastic Joints!

Vinny Da Vinci

Masokola is pure groove pressure! I love it!


This is a amazing EP, we current situation of the world track 1 feels so needed. I will most defo be supporting and featuring on my monthly mixtape!

D – Malice

Now available on all good streaming and download sites. ‬Here is the link:

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  • Athembelee
    2 years ago

    It is spiritual. I love the project. keep it up

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