Keeping clean on the go can prove challenging, but there is a way to beat the germs with an all-natural cleaning solution, that fits as easily into your pocket as it does your lifestyle and continues cleaning for up to 3 days after application.

Sneaker LAB’s Sneaker Wipes offer an environmentally friendly way to clean, care and protect your sneakers – but did you know that they offer on-the-go cleaning, suitable for most surfaces?

Try using environmentally sustainable wipes to:

  1. Remove any lingering germs from counter tops and furniture
  2. Wipe down your cellphone, screens and laptops.
  3. Tidy any smudges your children may leave behind, including  toys and strollers.
  4. Keep your car interior clean with a wipe down.
  5. Give grimy hands a refresh.
  6. Keep your sunglasses smudge-free and give your clothing a refresh.
  7. Use on handles for hassle-free cleaning.

The individual disposable wipes are made with a pro-bacteria concentrated solution, which breaks down natural waste. The solution is made from biologicals that bring excess dirt to the surface, which makes wiping it away much easier. 

Not only designed to keep your sneakers looking their best, they’re a great at all round cleaning. Keep the wipes in your car, handbag or travel bag, and use them as your on-the-go all-natural cleaning product, that works!