Some serious heat dropped on Stay True Sounds: LaTique – Ebenezer EP 2

Mfihlakalo Siphesihle Mbanjwa aka LaTique has been producing for 6 years and dropped music on a few international labels mainly showcasing his skills as an Deep and Tech House music producer.

In 2020 he has now decided to partner up with Stay True Sounds to release Ebenezer EP 2. On this 3 tracker we hear LaTique collaborate with local House hero Pierre Johnson and get more adventurous on his solo productions. Wait a minute did we say Ebenezer EP 2! What about Ebenezer EP?

Let’s rewind three tracks back before the release of Ebenezer EP 2 and see how did his journey start with the Ebenezer EP Project. Ebenezer EP was released under DM.Recordings where LaTique wanted to be an artist that will be highly recognised and easily identified for his ‘rare touch’ sound. In taking the common audio elements associated to Afro House, LaTique took these elements to a more deeper side of the genre and cleverly packages his music in a way that can undeniably be accepted by both house-loving continents – Africa and Europe.

Now that he has released Ebenezer EP 2 you can expect no different of the kind of music you can expect. Click the link to check out the brand new LaTique EP ft Pierre Johnson‬ or click the play button above.

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