Critically-acclaimed vocalist, songwriter, producer, Emily Saunders delivers the single ‘Rugged Waves’/’MashUp’ (Release Date: September 15th, 2023), the first enticing taste of her exciting, most powerful work to date, much-anticipated album release and UK launch tour later this year.

A prolific and skilled songwriter, producer, described by musician and broadcaster Jamie Cullum on BBC Radio 2 as “Absolutely Brilliant,” Emily balances virtuosity and adventurous musicianship of the highest order – future-jazz and broken-beat inspired, with a catchy pop sensibility, that sees her voice dance around her infectious tunes that worm their way into your brain and stay there.

With its upbeat driving bassline, incessant groove, and edges of drum ‘n’ bass, Rugged Waves powers forward with sunshine in its heart, “Dipping through the waves we go, just being out there..”, as infectious, spirited, spacious, airy vocals wrap around your ears, reflecting a call for much needed connectedness and being as one with nature. Rugged Waves was inspired when visiting friends in Greece: sitting on the edge of a rocky cove, with waves “dipping and diving” around her, Emily wrote the bassline, grooves and lyrics on the spot, then took it home, arranging and producing the final track in her London studio.

Second track ‘Mashup’ contains a powerful message delivered by multi-layered voices that float along a tri-toned spoken word. Around the world millions of people are losing their homes, their livelihoods, and in many cases their lives through the actions of anonymous people countless miles away sitting in safety, comfort, and prosperity. We all who are not in this situation have a human responsibility. The cycle will never end. ‘Contained in spaces, circles wind, round lives of lost people judged by most, yet running scared ’n seeking out, the yellow brick road that goes nowhere.’ However the one quality that will never be erased is the hope that rises in the human heart. We can help in many different ways, but most importantly we must be sure that we never look away.

“Waking in the morning or just walking down the road, my mind trips over melodies, riffs, bass grooves, and words becoming lyrics and poems, reflecting the world we see around us, and experiences I have had. I love painting pictures with sound, textures, and language that captures moments in time, enabling me to say what I feel I need to say.”

Emily Saunders says