South African beat producer Wun.Eye drops his ‘Love Is Always Free’ EP, he create unique soulful music to uplift your spirit and this what he had to say about himself in music.

‘My main method of expressing myself through sound is by sampling, and what I love about sampling is having the ability to take existing pieces of different types of music like Bill Evans and Jill Scott for example (Jazz and RnB), and creating my own piece of fresh and unique soulful Hip Hop art. My dream is to bring art back to Hip Hop; not to say that it ever left; I just want my music to speak to the genuine Hip Hop enthusiasts on a deeper level, to uplift the spirit and provide an enlightening experience through sound, that’s my vision.


When he was asked how does the EP translate his vision, he said

I did my best to translate my vision in this EP and will continue to improve at making my vision clearer with every project I create.
I describe “Love Is Always Free” as a collection of snapshots of the mind of WunEye, forever tapping into the infinite source of sound within himself through the Love of the omnipresence of the most high God (“The Universe”, as preferred by some people), in other words, His joy is my strength and I express it unapologetically through this EP’


The EP is a 11 track EP and it has a feature from E-Ga. If you are a lover of soulful hip hop then stop reading this because this EP is made for you and out 10 stars we give it 8 stars.

Hit this link for your preferred way to listen.

Connect with WunEye:

Beatstars: @kopanonelson
Twitter: @theloopconducta
Soundcloud: @theloopconducta

Bandcamp: @theloopconducta