23 Year old Hip-hop, pop and R&B Vocal artist releases his brand new single ATTENTION

With the success of launching his brand-new album titled ‘Careful”, the young star has been on many music lovers list.

1 song stands out in comparison to others on this 14 Track masterclass. “Attention” is considerably one of his best work to date and shows how the artist has developed both musically and maturity wise.

He mentions: “Throughout my career I have never felt more connected with my fans And my music. I truly believe in my work and can’t wait to give much more music to you”.

His new upcoming Single “Attention” is a distinct look at the artist maturity and understanding for the everyday struggles within relationships as the single outlines the risks one has to take within their relationships in order to reach a common ground.

Inspiration self drawn on this track as motivation to never give up on what you truly believe in and he believes he shall speak this into reality.

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