Shay – (interviewed by Dua)


Intro by Dua

I got together with Shay to find out all about her love for fitness and style and how she keeps her creativity flowing. Just like Shay, I’m constantly on the move, always looking for new ways to get inspired and I wanted to learn from Shay how she keeps on top of her game – finding time to work out, create and always look fresh while doing it. – Dua


From watching your YouTube films it’s clear that you have a passion for boxing, dancing, and all things HIIT. How did you discover that those were the ones for you? How do they make you feel?

I truly love all forms and all types of exercise. I love mixing things up and noticed how much energy I had when I boxed on Monday, did a spin class on Wednesday, and some sort of interval training on Thursday. I am honestly the best version of myself right after a workout.


Is there any workout you’ve tried that just didn’t work for you?


I haven’t found a workout that I really didn’t like, but I’ve been to a few classes that weren’t my style – either the music or the instructor wasn’t the right fit for me – but that has never discouraged me from the actual workout.

Have you managed to build a regular fitness routine home in LA? What are the new fitness trends you are seeing in here? Have you tried any?


I definitely have my go-to instructors and classes in LA-when I’m actually in LA that is… I’m usually doing a gym workout somewhere in another country :). I also have my trainers that train me privately at home as well. The last trends I remember seeing (and loving) were the pool spin class with the bike and the trampoline classes! I’m always down to try any new workout trend as long as it’s safe.


How do you adapt your routine when things get really busy or when you’re on the move?


Honestly, I travel more than I’m home these days so I’ve gotten very good at packing my skip rope, bands, and sliders so I am able to get a good workout in wherever I am in the world.


Who is your biggest fitness inspo? Who do I need to follow for their tips?


It’s always changing but I’m not going to lie, when I saw Teyana Taylor in Kanye’s “Fade” video…I worked out twice that day! She looked incredible!


You’re amazing at make-up & styling – does your style change depending on the workout you’re doing?


Ha, thanks! I’m definitely a no make-up person while I work out but I do tend to tailor what I’m wearing based on the workout I’m doing. If I’m boxing, I tend to wear something a little looser so I can move my arms around, as opposed to spinning I don’t want any extra material to get in the way of the ride.


How do you keep coming up with new ideas for the content you create and how do you nurture your creativity?


I’m constantly inspired by the things around me, whether it’s on Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. and I’m not afraid to try new things.


You’re an icon and an inspiration for so many young girls out there and the content you create truly reflects all parts of who you are- What’s the overarching message you want to share with your fans about personal identity and self-expression?


I just want people out there to really understand that there is nobody else like you, and you can do ANYTHING. It’s important that you have a good sense of self and to be proud of who you are. I don’t ever put out content that makes me feel bad about myself but I’m human, so of course there are moments when I get down. Nothing brings me out of that funk like a good boxing session.

In a lot of the work you create you collaborate with all kinds of amazing people. What role does collaboration and co-creation play in pushing creativity further?


I love collaborating! It keeps things fresh and exciting and I am always down to hear other people’s ideas and experience something someone else enjoys. You never know… someone may turn you on to something amazing you’ve been missing out on!


What’s next on your agenda?


Travel, always! It is a huge passion of mine so I am always planning my next ‘Shaycation.’





Number one gym essential: Great shoes

Go-to piece from the collection: Love the Stronger for it bra. It’s a high support bra so it’s perfect for when I’m running or training hard. I really like that you can customize the straps, so I can switch to a cross back depending on my workout.

Favorite pre/post workout snack: I love avocado, lemon, and chili flakes on a brown rice cake or a protein shake!

Mantra/ Motto/ Words to live by: “Do all that you can and all you thought you could not.”

Style Icon: Sophia Loren, always.



Partner workout or solo fighter? Solo fighter

Stretching or strengthening? Strength!

Training with makeup or without? OMG WITHOUT.

Morning workout or evening training? Both

City or nature? Nature


After a workout I feel… my absolute best.

Self-Expression Means… owning your uniqueness and celebrating it daily.

I use creativity to… express how passionate I am about certain things.