The Rhythm Sessions Releases New Single ‘Love Is The Way’

Edgar Mfaba (Edsoul) and Hlalefang Nomganga (Fang DaRhythm) of The Rhythm Sessions are proud to announce the release of their new single titled “Love Is The Way” featuring NuTown Soul which is already available on all digital platforms.

The duo released their Debut Album ‘Music Is Life’ in August 2017 and are well pleased with the response and reception it received from public, radio and media; describing one of their highlights as being “touring the album launch and seeing how people knew the lyrics to the songs and sang it back to us”.


About ‘Love Is The Way’…


“We met NuTown Soul on Facebook, did a bit of research on him, discovered that he had worked with some local producers in the house music scene, we loved the way he sounded on those songs, we sent him a couple of beats which he loved as well and “Love is The Way” was born” says the duo. “The message of the song is that love has no boundaries, everyone deserves to give and receive love freely. It’s never out of fashion, and without love we would be truly lost. Because love is the way.” says NuTown Soul.


The Rhythm Sessions are working towards releasing another album in 2019 so the duration of 2018 will consist of releasing a couple of singles, and remixes from their previous album “Music is Love”


The official anticipated single launch event will be hosted on the 28th July 2018 at Icon Soweto which will feature a lineup of artists the duo have collaborated with. More info will be release in the upcoming weeks.


Link up with The Rhythm Sessions on the following media platforms:

Facebook – The Rhythm Sessions, Twitter & Instagram @RhythmSessions and also check out their website for more updates on the music!

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