Are you ready to experience elegance like never before? Rockets Bryanston is back and better than ever, showcasing a modern, sleek, and standout design across its four-tiered building. From the sophisticated restaurant to the vibrant Lolita‘s club and the chic rooftop for sundowners, Rockets has truly redefined luxury living in Africa.

After close to four months of renovations, Rockets Bryanston has reopened its doors to reveal a whole new level of sophistication. On a Instagram video Sean, the owner, takes us on a virtual tour of each floor, highlighting the unique features that set Rockets apart from the rest.

The first floor underneath the restaurant now houses Rockets Media and a state-of-the-art recording studio. This space is where creativity meets functionality, providing a hub for artists and creators to collaborate and produce their best work.

Located within the restaurant, the Champagne House is a standout element that adds a touch of luxury to every dining experience. Sponsored by Moet Champagne this elegant space exudes femininity and class, making it the perfect setting for a special evening out.

Lolita‘s has undergone a transformation, with the entrance now located on the side of the building for added convenience. The soundproof glass and aluminum encasement provide a sophisticated ambiance, while the new Room 252 offers a VIP experience like no other.

The biggest change at Rockets Bryanston can be seen on the rooftop, aptly named Anfield. Drawing inspiration from Rockets Beach Club, Anfield offers a beautiful space to unwind and enjoy sundowners with friends. Despite the lack of an ocean view, the rooftop provides a unique and luxurious setting in the heart of Joburg.

Get ready to experience Rockets Bryanston like never before. With its redefined spaces, sophisticated design, and unparalleled elegance, Rockets stands as Africa‘s most luxurious lifestyle venue. Don’t miss out on the chance to step into serenity and experience Ibiza aesthetics meeting modern sophistication at Rockets Bryanston.

If you’re looking for a luxurious lifestyle venue that stands out from the rest, Rockets Bryanston is the place to be. From the sophisticated restaurant to the vibrant Lolita‘s club and the chic rooftop, Rockets offers an unparalleled experience in the heart of Africa. Book your reservation today and experience elegance like never before at Rockets Bryanston!