Euphoria by KVRVBO

Stay True Sounds has the honour of presenting the first album by KVRVBO (pronounced Karabo) entitled “Euphoria”. After two successful EP releases in the stable, the album recalls a sentimental ode to the producer’s musical roots. Growing up in Duduza, a small town East of Johannesburg, and being surrounded by local DJ’s, the producer fell in love with as he describes “the nostalgic sounds of “Classic House” to the New School era from the period around 2005-2010” These sounds infused with KVRVBO‘S unique flair and style of deep-house all shaped “Euphoria” into the beautiful composition it is.

“The purpose of the tracks is to evoke a feeling of “euphoria” as you listen to them. Each track has its own feeling but possesses that hard, punchy kick and mad basslines”



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With features from Jus Tadi, Simbad, Avi Subban, Rephlex and Billowjazz plus Tahir Jones and Bongani Mehlomakhulu on the vocals, this album promises to be a beautifully crafted and versatile body of work.

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