Authentic and multi-generational brand; Brentwood, prides itself in its heritageous qualities whilst carrying the aesthetic and story from one generation to the next. A gentlemanly brand that believes in empowering and bettering every generation, leaving no man behind.

The aesthetic and story behind the prestigious brand is not only an important voice in South African fashion, but it is an important voice in South African music and storytelling; embedding itself into the Maskandi and isicathamiya musical genres. Many South Africans tell stories about how highly their fathers spoke of Brentwood and now they get to wear the same brand with pride.

Brentwood’s iconic ideology is passed down from one generation to the next. An ideology that places great importance on being the leader of the pack and a gentleman amongst gentlemen.

Brentwood clothes are cut from the finest cloth, just like the gentlemen who wear them. The 100% Italian wool trousers are made for the men who stand with confidence and pride in who they are, what positive changes they bring to the world and how they teach the next generation about the importance of their roots and staying true to themselves.

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