Global sports company PUMA expands its Mirage franchise with its hot new addition, the Mirage Sport. Taking cues from the archive and mixing them with contemporary design elements, this new style inspired by the energetic and trippy world of DJ culture.

Mirage Sport is a successor in a long lineage of Mirage shoes that started back in the 70s. The design team worked hard to bring PUMA’s FUTRO design language forward, playing with archive references and mashing them with futuristic details. The muted, almost washed out, colour palette keeps the attention on the richness of the materials and the construction of the shoe.

“For the initial drop we wanted to expose the manufacturing process and the imperfections that come in the early sampling process of a sneaker,”. “This can be seen through exposing the foam under the collar, exaggerating the loose edges of the materials and various elements that are intentionally disconnected from the upper to emphasize the overall layering.”

says Danny Taylor, PUMA’s Design Lead for Sportstyle Footwear

Now in store and available for R2 299 from, PUMA V&A and PUMA Braamfontein, X-Trend Store, Archive online, Shesha, Madaiza and select retailers.

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