Hannah (interviewed by Shay)


Intro by Shay

Hannah is one of my go-to’s when it comes to the latest and greatest trends and when it comes to working out. We both lead super busy lives and I wanted to find out how Hannah has created such a killer fitness routine and how she manages to keep pushing further – Shay


You’re a total beast in the gym, knocking out different kinds of workouts and classes every day. What does a typical week of training look like for you?

For me, every week looks different. When I’m in beast mode I try and workout every day and doing something different is what gets me through each workout. I look forward to targeting different muscles than I worked the day before and I work out at different times each day most due to my schedule. Even if it’s a jammed packed day I’ll wake up early to squeeze something in. Taking that time for myself every day is what keeps me on track professionally because when I sweat it out, even if it’s 30/45 mins my brain feels clearer which obviously affects my work.


What are your go-to classes?

Some of my favorite go-to classes are boxing classes at Shadow Box or Rumble, Kira Stokes’ core class, 305 fitness dance classes, Mile High Run Club, Modo Yoga hot yoga, Bari Studio, Tracy Anderson, Body by Simone, Pilates with Nextgen Pilates… The list goes on! Basically if there is a new boutique fitness class I’ll try it!!

What is your go-to place for a healthy refuel?

Usually my kitchen! I make a protein-packed smoothie with all my add ons like adaptogens.

Do you usually pre-plan your workout schedule or go off how you are feeling on a particular day?

I’m a crazy pre-planner. Because my schedule is usually blocked out 2-3 weeks in advance I usually know where the gaps are for me to schedule a workout. I book in advance so I don’t have to deal with not getting into a class and not having to think about it the day before. Even if it’s a Sunday, I’ll look at the whole week and make sure each day has time blocked off for me to do my thing.

I know you have a love for travel, just like I do. What is a workout you’ve picked up during your travels?
I absolutely love to travel and I love trying different workouts all over the world. When I was in Thailand I did Muay Tai every day. When I’m in Paris I go to HIIT and Pilates classes or I go for a run. Sometimes when I do a 24-hour trip I bring bands with me so I can get some resistance squats in. There really aren’t any excuses as to not working out for me. I love it and I make it a priority even when traveling!

You’re passionate about a holistic approach to wellness, so how does your philosophy on health and beauty influence your approach to fitness?

I do love a holistic approach to wellness, and that translates to fitness by listening to my body. If something doesn’t feel right, I don’t continue. On the other hand, if I’ve been in beast mode I spend just as much time on my recovery as I did in the gym. I try and get massages even if it’s a 30 min foot rub or hit a cryo machine to help with inflammation. Knowing about my adrenal health is also important so I don’t burn myself out. I want to optimize my body so that means I have to constantly be listening to it.

Whether you’re DJing, attending a gala or working out, how do you stay authentic to your personal style? Does your style change depending on your workout?

My personal style is always evolving. Whether I’m DJing, attending an event or in the gym I have to feel comfortable and confident. Gym looks are one thing I don’t pre-plan! I don’t like to be overly colorful because I just think it draws attention, but I love a pop of color so maybe I’ll wear all black or black and white with a bright pink UltraBOOST. Sometimes I wear a big tee shirt or a cute cropped jacket over my look so I can hit the streets after.

From your social media to HBFit, you’ve established a meaningful presence for your brand. What’s one piece of advice you would give to other creators out there?

Whether it’s my personal presence or my wellness brand HBFIT, social media has played the most crucial part in my growth. I think building a brand today is extremely hard but one thing I will say is that over the years my voice and my fundamental beliefs haven’t changed. My audience knows me and feels like they are my friends and that type of raw relationship is something that people relate to and almost expect from me now. I have always been myself and even when it’s not the pretty polished me, I put it out there. It is a sweet spot of confidence and vulnerability. My voice and opinions are something I have never been shy to share, and the fact that I have a platform that encourages me to do so is empowering. One thing I would say to other creators is that it’s important to have your own voice and point of view. Stick with your moral compass and don’t forget to have fun.

Number one gym essential: 1.5 bottles of water

Go-to piece from the collection: The Believe This tights are amazing – the mesh side panels look beautiful and feel nice and airy. The fit is also super comfortable and works perfectly for yoga

Favorite pre/post workout snack: Favorite post-workout snack is a chocolate protein smoothie that I whip up myself!

Mantra/ Motto/ Words to live by: Mantra: Mind Right, Body Tight!

Style icon: Lauren Bacall

Partner workout or solo fighter? Solo fighter

Stretching or strengthening? Strengthening

Training with makeup or without? No make up

Morning workout or evening training? Morning workout

City or Nature? City girl all the way

After a workout I feel…ready to conquer my tasks with a clear head!

Self-expression means… not holding back my feelings or desires

I use creativity to… push my own uniqueness