Leo Guardo returns to Sondela with ‘Thonga,’ an invigorating Afro-Tech track created in collaboration with Leo Gira, Tony P., and featuring the compelling vocals of Tabia. Following the success of his last release, ‘Hold On,’ this new track strengthens his connection with our label.

‘Thonga’ is an energetic and dark Afro-Tech anthem designed to ignite dance floors. Each artist brings a unique perspective: Leo Guardo envisions it as an electrifying club track, Tony P. highlights its powerful musical journey, and Leo Gira sees it as a reflection of Africa’s dynamic and spiritual essence.

Tabia’s emotive vocals are a standout feature, adding depth and poignancy, especially during the breaks. The song’s creation is rooted in collaboration and shared vision, as initially it came about as an idea by Leo Gira and Tony P. – while Guardo’s input helped shape it into its final form, blending diverse influences and inspirations.

Overall, ‘Thonga’ is a testament to the synergy between these artists, showcasing their ability to blend personal and musical narratives into a powerful track that resonates deeply with listeners and energizes dance floors.

Stream / Download: https://ingrv.es/thonga-9zy-k