Local designer Neo Serati Mofammere has collaborated with Volvo Car South Africa to create an A/W ’24 Ready-to-Wear garment for Lasizwe Dambuza using the interior fabric of Volvo‘s latest electric car and AI technology in the design process.

“Volvo wanted to inspire South Africans to see sustainability and advanced technologies such as AI, as something beautiful, creative, AND beneficial for our planet. I loved what Neo created. I can definitely see myself wearing this outfit at the Durban July. The quality of it, how it feels, how premium it is. I would wear this outfit to any event that’s going to be iconic and leave a statement!” 

commented Dambuza

The car’s interior features materials such as renewable linseed fibre, mats from recycled fishing nets, and inlays from upcycled denim—all curated to blend luxury with responsible design.

“I got the volume idea for the design from AI which gave me the concept of proportions. I wanted to create something for Lasizwe that was strong and powerful but still played with gender roles. I also wanted him to feel comfortable.”

says Mofammere

LISOF graduate Neo Serati Mofammere is well known for his Nao Serati brand, specialising in unisex clothing that explores gender, art and sexuality while being mindful of our South African heritage.

With the responsibly sourced tailored wool-blend upholstery from Volvo, Mofammere used a technique whereby the fabric was cut up and put back into a weave.

“I was inspired by how Volvo recycled discarded fishing nets and other waste material to create the inlay mats for the car. I wanted to incorporate this idea into the design.” 

“This project demonstrates how you can turn the very same upcycled materials found in a car’s interior, into a high-fashion garment. It’s all about intention and perspective,”.

said Marishka Govender, Volvo Car South Africa’s Chief Financial Officer

“Given the world we live in, it’s difficult to push back against technology. My belief is: be taught and receive, and create out of it.”

Neo welcomes the advancement in innovation through artificial intelligence, adding,