Showmax has launched a captivating new reality series, “Born Into Fame,” which offers an inside look into the lives of six South Africans with famous parents. This Showmax Original series delves into the challenges and triumphs of these young individuals as they strive to uphold their family legacies while carving out their own unique paths to success. The show, produced by GOAT Productions, premieres new episodes every Tuesday, providing viewers with an intimate glimpse into the world of the children of South African celebrities.

Born Into Fame” features a diverse and talented cast, each with a unique story and ambition:

Shamiso Mosaka: The first-born daughter of radio legend and businesswoman Azania Mosaka, Shamiso is making her mark as a media personality. Known for her work as a VJ on MTV Base Africa and co-hosting MTV Africa‘s “Ghosted AF: Love Gone Missing,” Shamiso recently stepped into a new role as a radio host on YFM.

Phila Madlingozi: Son of the renowned musician and politician Ringo Madlingozi, Phila has pursued his own path in the entertainment industry. Despite a complex relationship with his father, Phila has established himself as a talented actor and singer, with notable appearances on “Idols” and the award-winning TV series “Intersexions.”

Tank The Rock Star: The son of DJ Tira, a pioneer in the gqom music scene, Tank is an emerging trap rapper and aspiring producer and actor. At 25, he is already making waves in the music industry, determined to build a name for himself beyond his father’s legacy.

Robbie Malinga Jr: Known as Rob Mally, he is the son of the late Robbie Malinga, a legendary figure in South African music. Robbie Jr. has gained fame through his vibrant social media presence and flamboyant lifestyle, earning a Drama Queen of the Year nomination at the Feather Awards.

Owami Mafokate: Daughter of kwaito king Arthur Mafokate and Queen from Aba Shante, Owami is no stranger to the spotlight. With over a million followers on TikTok, she is a successful DJ and social media influencer, continuing her family’s musical legacy in her own way.

AJ Mafokate: Also a child of Arthur Mafokate, AJ is determined to take over his father’s record label, 999, while establishing himself as one of South Africa‘s top DJs and producers.

Born Into Fame” is more than just a reality show; it’s a deep dive into the complexities of growing up with famous parents. The series, produced by GOAT Productions—the creative force behind hits like “Unfollowed” and the award-winning “Life With Kelly Khumalo“—promises to deliver engaging and heartfelt storytelling. The production team’s track record for creating compelling content ensures that “Born Into Fame” will be a standout addition to Showmax’s lineup.

Born Into Fame” is now available for streaming on Showmax, with new episodes released every Tuesday. Don’t miss this exclusive look into the lives of South Africa‘s celebrity offspring as they navigate the pressures and privileges of their unique upbringings. Join the conversation online using the hashtag #bornintofame and follow the journeys of Shamiso, Phila, Tank, Robbie Jr., Owami, and AJ as they pursue their dreams and honor their family legacies.

Stream “Born Into Fame” on Showmax and witness the next generation of South African talent rise to fame.