016FM is now streaming on Showmax, starring Joseph Sedibo as DJ Tsietsi, who is trying to save his much-loved community radio station in the Vaal from closing. Sedibo is also currently on Showmax as Mkhonto on Empini.

From humble beginnings at the Market Theatre to appearing on Rhythm City to acting on two Showmax Originals, it is clear that his star is on the rise.

Zibuyile Dladla sat down with the Duma Ndlovu Academy graduate to find out more.

Why did you want to be part of 016FM?

I’m Sotho and so I always wanted my first big show to be in Sotho. So when I was presented with the 016FM script, I thought to myself, ‘This is it!’

I also wanted to be a part of 016FM because of how it represents the Vaal pop culture. The Vaal doesn’t have a story out there, and I believe the Vaal has a story that South Africans need to hear.

What has 016FM made you appreciate more about the Vaal?

The people of the Vaal are living! There’s this vibrant energy about the Vaal that is just so inspiring. That place is a melting pot of amazing creatives and entrepreneurs with a go-getter mentality. 016FM has also made me really appreciate the youth of that area. Despite their dire circumstances, the youth there are really pushing their hustles. It is truly inspiring.

How would you compare DJ Tsietsi to yourself?

DJ Tsietsi and I are worlds apart. DJ Tsietsi is shy and reserved, whereas I’m loud and energetic. I’m more confident in my own skin than him; he’s such an awkward person. However, I do relate to some of his experiences, like losing a parent and being very much independent.

How was it working with the late Mpho Sebeng?

It was such an honour working with him. Mpho was one of the people on my prayer list that I’ve always wanted to work with, so when that happened I was ecstatic.

He was such a great demonstrator, especially when it came to all the stunts we did. Mpho taught me so many stunt techniques. Most of the stunts that viewers will see between him and I were facilitated by him.

He was such a talented man and funny too. Sometimes when working, I’d want him to finish his lines because I’d want to break out of character and just laugh.

How was it working with seasoned actors such as Ntate Sello Motloung and Mme Nthati Moshesh as your on-screen parents?

I knew I had to bring my A-game when I worked with Ntate Sello and Mme Nthati – they are such professionals. What I also really enjoyed about working with the two is how passionate they are about going beyond the script. Plus, they really take rehearsals seriously. I realised the difference between us younger actors and them is that before they go on set they will rehearse many times. They’ve taught me the importance of rehearsing until it feels right. By doing so, going on set and doing a scene with them goes so much quicker. They rehearse like no one’s business. When it comes to Nthati, Sello and Sophie Ndaba, you will work, you will rehearse! That has given me so much confidence when it comes to my craft – and it’s all thanks to them.

Your character on Empini also has people talking. Why do you think Mkhonto has peaked viewers’ interest?

I think Mkhonto has piqued the audience’s interest because he is a guy who believes in his own hype. No matter how whack people may think he is, he doesn’t care – he believes he is the life of the party, pays no attention to anything or anyone and continues to drink his own kool-aid. I think it’s quite laughable because Mkhonto really lives in his own world and although Empini is a serious show Mkhonto brings that sense of humour into the mix of things.

New episodes of 016FM drop every Wednesday.

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