Strictly Soul is thrilled to announce that their uplifting playlist is now available on Spotify. From pre-party vibes to road trip jams, Strictly Soul has got you covered with smooth RnB rhythms that will feed your soul wherever you are. And with the recent partnership with Spotify, the Strictly Soul family is growing stronger than ever.

With a shared love for RnB and Soul music being the core of Strictly Soul‘s community, partnering with Spotify was a natural fit. This collaboration opens up new opportunities to expand the culture and connect with even more music lovers around the world. The Strictly Soul team is excited to embark on this journey with Spotify, bringing the soulful vibes to listeners everywhere.

As Strictly Soul and Spotify join forces, be on the lookout for some exciting projects and playlists in the works. From curated collections of classic RnB hits to fresh new tracks that will make you move, there’s something for everyone in the Strictly Soul x Spotify collaboration. Stay tuned for updates on upcoming events, exclusive content, and more as we continue to spread the joy of music beyond the dance floor.

As Strictly Soul welcomes Spotify to the family, the possibilities are endless for music lovers everywhere. Whether you’re a longtime fan of RnB and Soul or just discovering the magic of this genre, join Strictly Soul on this exciting journey and let the music move your soul. With Spotify on board, the future is bright for Strictly Soul and all who share in the love of great music. Let’s keep the rhythm alive and the vibes flowing – together, we can create something truly special.