On May 12, 2024, Stay True Sounds hosted an unforgettable event at Mea Culpa in Johannesburg (35 11th Road, Kew, Johannesburg). The night was a vibrant celebration of deep house music, featuring an impressive lineup of artists including Tea White, Thabo Tonick, Nastic Groove, China Charmeleon, Vinny Da Vinci, and Kid Fonque, the label owner of Stay True Sounds. A special highlight of the evening was a surprise performance by the legendary Louie Vega, and a unique live performance by Sio during China Charmeleon‘s set.

Greg Maloka Photo By Raymnzn

The event was graced by numerous celebrities who came to enjoy the night. Notable personalities in attendance included Kitchen Mess, Jullian Gomes, 37MPH, Greg Maloka, Atmos Blaq, Christos, and Chymamusique, among many others. Their presence added to the electric atmosphere and underscored the cultural significance of the event within the local music scene.

Photo By Raymnzn

True to Stay True Sounds‘ reputation, the music played throughout the night had the audience reaching for their phones to Shazam tracks, often discovering music that was not readily available elsewhere. This unique feature of Stay True Sounds events continues to set them apart, fostering a sense of discovery and exclusivity.

Louie Vega Photo By Raymnzn

Louie Vega‘s set was a memorable journey through deep house and soulful rhythms. He began with Atmos Blaq‘s “Mfana Wase Dobsi,” a track that resonated deeply with the crowd, setting the tone for his performance. Vega concluded his set, and effectively the event, with his renowned track “London Roots.” The audience’s enthusiastic response, with cries for him to play this iconic track, underscored the connection between the artist and his fans.

Thabo Tonick Photo By Raymnzn

China Charmeleon’s set was another highlight, particularly when he played an unreleased remix of “Sandcastle” by Sir LSG & The Bless featuring Ayanda Jiya. This track had the crowd buzzing with excitement and eager to identify it, further demonstrating the event’s impact on music discovery.

Nastic Groove Photo By Raymnzn

Overall, the Stay True Sounds event at Mea Culpa was a remarkable success, bringing together fans, artists, and celebrities for a night of exceptional music and unforgettable moments. The blend of live performances, surprise acts, and the premiere of new tracks ensured that it was an evening to remember for all who attended.