Showmax is receiving rave reviews for its latest offering, Mince Jou Hare, with Leroy Marc on Kaya FM describing it as “wonderful comedy that is almost effortless” and Rapport calling it “hilarious.” Directed by the talented David Isaacs, Mince Jou Hare is a heartwarming small-town sitcom that follows Frieda (Melissa de Vries), who leaves her factory job to pursue her dream of opening a hair salon in her home.

David Isaacs is no stranger to the world of comedy. With a career spanning nearly three decades, he has been nominated for an Avanti Award for his role in Fishy Feshuns, won an Avanti for S.O.S, and received a Kanna at KKNK for his work on Joe Barber. His talent has also been recognized with a nomination for Best Actor: Comedy at the SAFTA awards for Die Vlieënde Springbokkie. Additionally, he co-created the highly acclaimed G.I.L, which has swept the SAFTA awards.

When asked how he would describe Mince Jou Hare, David shared that the show revolves around an individual’s pursuit of their dreams, offering a light-hearted look at family life in modern-day South Africa. The show’s premise focuses on relatable situations that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Q: What’s the key to making an audience laugh?

A: Comedy is a delicate art that requires a balance of humor and authenticity. Creating an environment where actors feel comfortable and free to express themselves allows for genuine comedic moments to shine through. The key is to let the humor flow naturally and capture those spontaneous, belly-laugh moments.

Q: Why do you think there has been a resurgence in sitcoms in South Africa?

A: People’s tastes evolve over time, and there is a growing nostalgia for classic sitcoms that offer a quick escape and a good laugh. Sitcoms are short, light-hearted, and easy to digest, making them a popular choice for viewers looking for some entertainment after a long day.

One of the aspects that drew David to Mince Jou Hare was the opportunity to showcase the diversity of coloured characters on screen. He emphasized the importance of telling authentic stories and moving away from stereotypes, allowing for a more nuanced and genuine representation of the coloured community.

In Mince Jou Hare, viewers get to see a range of characters who are distinct individuals but share a common bond of living in a small town. The show celebrates the richness and diversity within the coloured community, offering a refreshing take on character portrayals.

Created by the talented Shimmy Isaacs, Mince Jou Hare is inspired by a true story and stars a talented ensemble cast, including Melissa de Vries, Dugald Pieterse, Bianca Flanders, and Franka Kirby. Produced by Roberta Durrant through Penguin Films, the show promises a blend of humor, heart, and relatability in each episode.

With the first episode now streaming on Showmax, Mince Jou Hare offers a delightful escape into the world of Frieda and her quest to follow her dreams. Each episode promises a dose of laughter and warmth, making it a must-watch for fans of feel-good comedy.