MGUCCIFAB, Sol Phenduka, Undisputed Soul, and Sjavasdedeejay have collaborated to release a new Amapiano track titled “Sofasilahlane.” This song, which merges soulful Amapiano vibes with deep house elements, aims to infuse love and energy into the club scene. Drawing inspiration from the phrase “Love makes the work go round,” the track is designed to uplift and connect listeners on the dancefloor.

The song features catchy and repetitive lyrics that enhance its hypnotic and danceable quality. A prominent part of the lyrics includes the repetitive “Hey, hey, hey…” and other rhythmic phrases that create an infectious groove. The chorus and verses emphasize themes of love and resilience, encouraging listeners to embrace life and dance without fear.

The artists are active on social media and YouTube, where they plan to release the official music video for “Sofasilahlane” soon. This track is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the artists involved, blending their unique talents to create a memorable and engaging musical experience.

For more updates, be sure to follow MGUCCIFAB, Sol Phenduka, Undisputed Soul, and Sjavasdedeejay on their social media platforms and YouTube channels. This release is set to be a hit, bringing a fresh wave of love and rhythm to the dancefloors.

Stream / Download:,MRCT,8Y8PYO,2MCU2,1