Introducing the ninth release of 2024 at Sondela Recordings, Sondela Recordings proudly present the electrifying collaboration between WUULA (Novak’s latest musical endeavour) and everyone’s favourite drum therapist – Dr Feel. ‘L’amour’ embodies the seamless fusion of soothing vocals and a mesmerising beat, designed to resonate in any environment, whether it’s the energy of the club, the open road, or the intimacy of home.

Drawing from Dr Feel‘s own cultural roots, the track pulsates with the soulful rhythm of African drums, serving as a profound symbol of communication and the vibrant tapestry of rhythm-rich heritage. Its repetitive yet irresistibly catchy groove, coupled with French vocals, invites listeners to immerse themselves fully in the atmospheric blend—a harmonious collision of worlds.

This collaboration marks the inception of an exhilarating musical journey, teasing the promise of even more dynamic projects from these exceptionally talented artists.

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