Eli Fola hails from Nigeria and has pioneered his own Yoruba tech soul sound. The now LA-based DJ, producer, sound artist and sax player blends Afro culture with plenty of his own spirituality and inspired by everything from Highlife to Jeff Mills. He has shared the stage with international stars rom the hip-hop world, as well as Black Coffee, Pablo Fierro and Audiofly, so is a true leader in his field.

His fantastic ‘Lagos Mentality’ is emotionally intense, with passionate vocal cries and tribal chanting over a fat bassline and Afro-house drums. Layers of organic percussion and bird calls give it a vibrant, living atmosphere, and as the chord vamps build, the drums lock dancers into a spiritual groove with plenty of dramatic twists and turns along the way.

Stream / Download: https://kompakt.fm/releases/lagos_mentality