As the countdown begins to the most anticipated comedy event of the year, Comedy Central and Nando‘s proudly unveil the brave talent set to ignite the stage at ‘DemoCrazy: A Roast of South Africa‘.

Joining the ranks of South Africa‘s comedic elite for this historic celebration of our democracy’s 30th anniversary are:
(cue the drum roll…)

  • Swearing member of the opposition, John Vlismas, renowned for his razor-sharp wit and fearless commentary, Vlismas promises to bring his signature brand of humour to the grill.
  • Political Puppetmaster, Chester Missing, the puppetmaster himself, Missing is poised to unleash his satirical prowess on the nation’s most pressing issues.
  • The Honourably honourable Loyiso Gola. Some say he’s the G.O.A.T and Gola is sure to bring his signature incisive observations that are guaranteed to leave audiences in stitche
  • Comrade of the funeral plan Desmond Dube, a beloved figure in the South African entertainment industry, Dube’s comedic talent and charm are sure to shine on stage.
  • The muscley poll dancer, Siv Ngesi with his quick wit and infectious energy, Ngesi will add his unique flavour to the roast, promising a night of laughter and entertainment.
  • And Namaste Bae (AKA Rob Van Vuuren), embracing his alter ego, Namaste Bae, Van Vuuren will infuse the evening with his infectious energy and comedic flair.

With this stellar lineup of industry legends, stars, divas (and everything in between), ‘DemoCrazy’ promises to be an evening of laughter, insight, and unabashed celebration of South Africa‘s rich tapestry of history and the resilience of its people.

Limited tickets for ‘DemoCrazy: A Roast of South Africa‘ are available starting from R150 via Webtickets. Don’t miss your chance to be part of history as we gather to roast, reminisce, and revel in the absurdities of our beloved nation.

Date: Wednesday, 22 May 2024
Time: 19:00
Venue: The Lyric Theatre, Gold Reef City Casino

Stay tuned for further updates and additional talent announcements as we prepare to ignite the stage with laughter and celebrate 30 years of South African democracy, one joke at a time.