Sports company PUMA and music artist, creative, and designer A$AP Rocky have dropped their latest collection featuring footwear, apparel and accessories. A$AP Rocky’s fashion knowledge, style and cultural expertise bring a new perspective to the growing global motorsport audience. A full head-to-toe collection includes the Inhale Sneaker, originally launched in the 2000s, which was hand picked by Rocky from the archive.

Rocky and PUMA continue to push the boundaries between fashion and sport by leveraging performance materials and functional elements with a distressed treatment that creates the effect of having been worn working in the garage all day.

Rocky’s intention to shift how brands approach taking risks through design is evident in this drop.

  • A$AP Rocky x PUMA Sweatsuit: Made with a slim fit to emulate the fit of a racing suit, this piece features a distressed allover print for a worn effect, custom PUMA graphics, and wide elastic ribbing at the hem.
  • A$AP Rocky x PUMA Distressed Seat Belt T: Features a sublimated graphic that mimics a driver’s 6-point seatbelt. Designed in heavyweight cotton with a boxy fit, this track-meets-street piece is rounded off with PUMA and A$AP co-branding.
  • A$AP Rocky x PUMA Knitted Balaclava: Inspired by the balaclavas worn by drivers under their helmets,  this cozy knit fabric has a distressed treatment, button snap webbing for easy on and off wear and storage, and PUMA branding at the throat.
  • A$AP Rocky x PUMA Padded Balaclava: Designed to mimic the look of a racing helmet, the balaclava features a padded design, a removable visor insert, and a bungee closure for an adjustable fit.
  • A$AP Rocky x PUMA Inhale OG: Originally created in 2000 as a running shoe, the PUMA Inhale has secured its spot as a streetwear staple with its extreme contours. Today we’re reissuing a limited release of the Inhale in its original, iconic color alongside A$AP Rocky. Limited-edition footbed inserts designed by Rocky will be distributed via gifting only.

A$AP Rocky serves as a true Creative Director through all parts of his campaigns with a hands-on approach to not only the designs of the collection but all of the aesthetic elements and marketing. He actively directs, styles, scores and produces all of the materials around his releases and oversees the entire process. This attention to detail is evident in this campaign with PUMA through his mindful blending of German expressionism with a vibrant and playful world to demonstrate how when we grow up we so often lose our child-like spirit and imagination. This campaign serves as a reminder to never limit your imagination or lose sight of your dreams.

“This Miami collection aims to give fans the chance to have their own race suit from the helmet down to the shoes. Other sports have uniforms available for the consumer and I wanted to bring that to the F1 category. For the visuals, I wanted to demonstrate how as adults we can lose sight of the dreams and imagination that we had as kids, and really love how it all came together.“

said A$AP Rocky

The collection will be available on 3 May, exclusively on PUMA.COM at 4pm CAT.

A$AP Rocky and PUMA will also be selling the collection during race weekend in Miami on Saturday, 4 May at a pop-up activation with CNCPTS. In addition, CNCPTS will host an exclusive in-store activation the evening of May 3rd in the Miami Design District in partnership with PUMA and A$AP Rocky.