Discover the sounds, sets, and culture that travel from Durban to Jozi South Africa, with Omagoqa. A trio inspired by dark-themed sounds, club bass, keys, and that hard heat to revolutionize the raw, authenticity found in Gqom. The sound is like nothing that’s ever been made – created with the artistic intention to always let the masses feel the indigenous authenticity of their roots and the generations of creators who came before them.

Of course, the question, “In which genre do we place them?” comes to mind and the answer is the genre they created known as ‘u’Thayela’ which translates literally as ‘corrugated iron’ is used to describe a rougher sound, with hard basslines made for the clubs, inspired by authenticity. This trio craved and crafted their own space not only in their mission to influence how their audience experience the rhythm found in the club scene but also in creating a genre that doubles as a culture to be passed down and inspire generations to come.

Omagoqa, prides itself in opening up all the doors for the next generation of culture curators, by reshaping, reimagining, and reworking the dress codes, the party scenes, and of course the sets and decks.

“We don’t play on a sound system or boombox, our sound lives in i’caracara. Always moving and making the parking lot the dancefloor.”  

– Omagoqa

And so, the only thing left to do is catch this ride, and enjoy – remember it’s four-four mashlalisane because the more, the merrier…

Make sure to visit website to listen to the OMAGOQA mix. This will also be showcased on the global website.