Creativity has always needed supportive spaces in order to truly flourish, and there’s no better way to cultivate that spirit than with Levi’s®. The Levi’s® commitment to reaffirm itself as the ultimate collaborative brand, comes to life with a series of intimate workshops that foster community, inspire creativity, and allow for hands-on learning. 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at what went down at the Levi’s® x Sister Party workshop last month, and what attendees can look forward to at the highly-anticipated Beginners Pattern Making Session on 26 April.

On 28 March, Levi’s® collaborated with the dynamic duo behind Sister Party. The exclusive women’s only event was all about celebrating diversity, building a community, and empowering attendees to explore and express their style in the digital world. 

Sister Party, founded by Yaone and Olerato Refentse, has carved a unique online niche with a range of content, from sewing DIYs and styling segments to editorial makeup tutorials and lifestyle content. At the core of Sister Party‘s mission is championing Black, POC, queer, and femme voices.

Olerato and Yaone Refentse, Founders of Sister Party with their workshop guests

Their workshop was a deep dive into all things style and social media, with Yaone and Olerato leading the charge in discussions about:

  • Navigating and maximising the potential of their social platforms.
  • Articulating and refining their personal styles.
  • Innovating on current trends to create distinct and personal looks.
  • Mastering audience engagement and building a meaningful online presence.

Along with the discussions, lucky winners from the Levi’s® social media competition were also given a special opportunity to be styled by Sister Party—and everyone in attendance walked away with a limited-edition Sister Party x Levi’s® T-shirt.

Building on the success of this collaboration, Levi’s® is gearing up for its next workshop on April 26. The upcoming Beginners Pattern Making Session, led by Levi’s Master Tailor William Phala, is designed to introduce newcomers to the essential skills of garment making

William Phala, Levi’s Master Tailor

With over 20 years of experience, Phala will guide attendees through the fundamental aspects of pattern making, from understanding the importance of patterns in the design process to creating their own patterns. The hands-on workshop will enable attendees to directly apply what they learn by upcycling an old pair of their jeans into a tote bag. In addition, everyone will walk away with a digital resource pack containing links to free pattern making resources so they can continue their journey beyond the workshop. 

Levi’s® x Sister Party and the Beginners Pattern Making Session are just two examples of many that showcase Levi’s® commitment to fostering a community where creativity and style intersect in meaningful ways. The intimacy of these workshops allows attendees to immerse themselves in the creative process and leave with new skills, connections, and creative inspiration.

For those who missed out on the last workshop, follow Levi’s® on Instagram to keep up with the brand’s future workshops.