Black with a touch of gold was the theme of the day at the exclusive Media Launch event held by Robertsons Spices to celebrate their century of spice mastery. The event, which took place on April 16th, 2024, at the elegant Mábu Restaurant in Waterfall, was a night of celebration, culinary delights, and nostalgia, capturing the essence of Robertsons‘ rich heritage and influence on kitchens worldwide over the past hundred years.

A 5-star setup awaited guests as they were welcomed with drinks and ushered into a world of spice creation stations. Here, guests had the opportunity to make their personalized blends of spices, inspired by Robertson‘s best spices and herbs. The event featured a four-course meal that ranged from delectable canapes to mouth-watering desserts, all carefully curated by one of the industry’s best chefs.

The ambiance was set with great music and an atmosphere that allowed guests to mingle with some of the most talented individuals in the culinary world and influencers. The highlight of the evening was the goodie bag that each guest received, complete with various spices, a chopping board commemorating the 100 years celebration, and a Le Creuset dish, making it a true token of appreciation from Robertsons.

As the brand’s Brand Manager, Andiswa Ndebele, expressed, Robertsons Spices has been at the heart of kitchens worldwide for a century, inspiring creativity and enhancing flavors in countless dishes. The Media Launch served as a platform for the brand to thank its loyal customers, media partners, and influencers who have been instrumental in its success over the years.

Renowned chef Nti graced the occasion, showcasing her culinary expertise and innovative flavor combinations, a true testament to Robertsons’ commitment to spice mastery. Throughout the night, guests were treated to an array of flavorful dishes crafted using the brand’s signature blends, further solidifying Robertsons’ position as a leader in the world of spices.

As Robertsons Spices embarks on the next chapter of its flavorful journey, the Media Launch was a reflection of the brand’s enduring legacy, commitment to quality, and dedication to innovation. With a promise of an unforgettable evening of celebration, cuisine, and anticipation for what lies ahead, Robertsons Spices continues to set the standard for spice mastery.

The Media Launch event celebrating Robertsons Spices‘ century of spice mastery was a true testament to the brand’s influence, innovation, and commitment to quality. As guests savored flavorful dishes, blended their own spices, and mingled with industry professionals, it was clear that Robertsons Spices continues to lead the way in the world of spices. Here’s to another hundred years of flavor exploration and culinary inspiration with Robertsons Spices!

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