Just when you thought it was safe to play conscientious hip hop, Clyde Beats and ‘Hello World (feat. OVEOUS)’ comes along (Release Date: May 10th, 2024).

The release is a tough, minimalistic, beat-driven joint. It knocks. And on top of it, OVEOUS delivers rhymes as hard as they are spiritual. The positive message emanating from OVEOUS juxtaposes against Clyde Beats’ most deviant of beats. Described by some as a renaissance artist, OVEOUS is a true street poet, singer, rapper, DJ and producer and the superlative rhymes he lays over Clyde Beats’ dark, yet high-end production is going to drive you to visit any leading music streaming or download service now.

Clyde Beats ‘Hello World (feat. OVEOUS)’ is available through Atjazz Record Company. It knocks!