A sweeping and cinematic, powerful piece of instrumental electronic music with live sax and flutes, ‘Theatre Of The Sand مسرح الرمل’ (Release Date: April 24th, 2024) is the first single to be taken from Tryangle Man‘s much-anticipated new album, ‘Discovery Of Pangea’.

Following the success of past hits like “Night Jazz” and “Forgotten Show” under Atjazz Record Company, Tryangle Man is thrilled to unveil this new project, which has been in the making for over two years. Tryangle Man attends the ‘Theatre Of The Sand’ and composes a song with a heartfelt melody beautifully performed by Ben Hadwen on the Sax and Flute. Tryangle Man then takes it up a notch and introduces a sound he grew to love when he landed in Beirut many moons ago.

For those new to Tryangle Man‘s universe, he’s not just a music producer and live performer but also a peace-seeking Space Being based in London. While he’s been quietly working on his new release, occasional shows have teased fans. To celebrate the album’s launch, an epic release party is set for May 18th at Notting Hill Arts Club. Don’t miss out!