Actress Simphiwe Ngema takes the lead in the Showmax Original film, The Winning Ticket, where she plays Zanele, a character who navigates the unexpected shift in circumstances after her family wins the lotto. In this article, we delve into Simz’s thoughts on her character, the storyline, and her personal life.

What aspects of Zanele resonated with you?

Zanele loves her family, is hardworking, and believes in doing things right, which Simz relates to. She values the importance of family and love above all else, understanding that material wealth is fleeting.

How does your character navigate the unexpected shift in circumstances when her family wins the lotto?

Initially feeling relief, Zanele has to adjust to a new world of wealth while trying to maintain her true self. She struggles to balance fitting in with wealthy circles while holding onto aspects of herself that remind her of her roots.

What aspects of the storyline did you find most relatable?

Simz finds the emphasis on family and staying grounded relatable, as she has been fortunate to have a supportive family that keeps her humble despite her success. She acknowledges the importance of relationships over material wealth.

What is a great piece of advice you’ve been given that you would pass on to women like Zanele?

Simz emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself, regardless of changing circumstances. She advises women like Zanele to embrace their authenticity and not lose sight of who they are, even in the face of newfound success.

What do you hope viewers will walk away with after watching the movie?

Simz hopes that viewers will be reminded of the value of love and family, understanding that material possessions can’t replace genuine relationships. She wants the audience to reflect on what truly matters in life.

What kinds of roles would you like to play in the future?

While known for portraying good characters, Simz expresses a desire to explore more diverse roles, including playing an evil character. She aims to showcase her versatility as an actor and challenge herself with new and challenging roles.

How challenging is it to date within the industry?

Simz shares that she prefers dating someone within the industry due to their understanding of the demands and challenges that come with fame. Being with someone who comprehends the industry dynamics can make relationships smoother and more compatible.

Simphiwe Ngema‘s portrayal of Zanele in The Winning Ticket reflects her own values of family, love, and authenticity. Through her personal experiences and insights, she offers valuable life lessons and perspectives on navigating success while staying grounded. Simz’s aspirations for the future and openness to new opportunities demonstrate her commitment to growth and evolution as an actor.