Showmax continues to make waves in the entertainment industry, with their latest series, Catch Me A Killer Season 1, poised to take the world by storm. Billed as “Europe’s biggest TV festival” by Variety, Series Mania will showcase this gripping true crime series entirely shot in South Africa. Charlotte Hope, known for her roles in Game of Thrones and The Spanish Princess, stars as Micki Pistorius, South Africa‘s first serial-killer profiler.

Mitchell’s Plain Dunes – Chris (IVAN ZIMMERMANN) and Micki (CHARLOTTE HOPE) have arrived at the dunes, they walk up the dune path, survey the dunes.

If you’re a fan of true crime dramas, Catch Me A Killer Season 1 is a must-watch. The series follows Micki Pistorius on her quest to track down South Africa‘s most feared killers. Each episode delves into a different case, from the chilling Station Strangler to the notorious Stewart ‘Boetie Boer’ Wilken. With a riveting storyline and compelling performances, Catch Me A Killer keeps viewers on the edge of their seats, craving more with each episode.

Sugar Cane Field – Mount Edgecombe; We see Thwala (LEMOGANG TSIPA) leading a young woman through the cane fields, she dowsn’t want to, she’s desperate for a job, but decides no.
  • List of Main Cast:
    • Charlotte Hope as Micki Pistorius
    • Donna Cormack-Thomson as Erika.
    • Steven John Ward as Mark.
    • Vaughn Lucas as AJ Oliver.
    • Grant Ross as Jannie.
    • Sean Cameron Michael as Robert Ressler.

“a dark, creepy, but highly realistic adaptation of Micki Pistorius’s story.”

Leon van Nierop‘s review in Rapport raves about Catch Me A Killer, calling it

The series has garnered international attention, with South African Warren Gray winning Best Production Design at the British Film Designers’ Guild for his work on recreating 90s South Africa.

Pretoria Murder and Roberry Unit – Incident Room; Micki (CHARLOTTE HOPE) wonders if killer left bag on purpose, Ruan (LOUW VENTER) says Mandela wants to visit Boksburg scene.

Severals deals have already been confirmed for Catch Me A Killer, including distribution on platforms like BritBox North America, SBS Australia, and UKTV‘s Alibi channel. The show’s wide appeal has cemented its status as a standout in the true crime genre.

Mitchell’s Plain Town Centre Underpass – Tino (DONTE FISHER) and Joey (CONNOR ISAACS) pushes a shopping trolley, they sit down, a man offers them money, Tino is hesitant, but Joey goes with the stranger.

If you’re a fan of true crime series that keep you guessing until the very end, Catch Me A Killer Season 1 is the perfect show for you. With a talented cast, gripping storylines, and top-notch production values, this series is sure to leave a lasting impression. Plus, with international acclaim and recognition, Catch Me A Killer is poised to become a global sensation.

Pretoria High Court – Courtroom; In the packed courtroom, Micki (CHARLOTTE HOPE) takes the stand, says Warren (AJ CULLINAN) is faking memory loss.

So, why wait? Dive into the world of Catch Me A Killer and experience the thrill of tracking down South Africa‘s most notorious killers alongside Micki Pistorius. Get ready for a binge-worthy journey that will keep you hooked from the very first episode.

Monwabisi Beach; Search for body, Norman (KAGISO KUYPERS) left in the car, Micki (CHARLOTTE HOPE) asks about the gap in killings.

Catch Me A Killer Season 1 is a true gem in Showmax‘s ever-growing library of content. With its captivating storyline, talented cast, and international recognition, this series is a must-watch for any fan of true crime dramas. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to dive into the world of Micki Pistorius and experience the thrill of hunting down some of South Africa‘s most notorious killers. Get ready for an unforgettable viewing experience with Catch Me A Killer Season 1 on Showmax.