If you are a fan of BlondZz, you are in for a treat with their latest EP, “Something Different.” This EP is a departure from their usual sound, featuring a unique blend of reggae, rap and R’n’B. In this article, we will explore the tracks on the EP and dive into the new direction BlondZz is taking with their music.

Sum Oda Intro Ft Da Latest

The EP kicks off with “Sum Oda Intro,” a track that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Featuring Da Latest, this song introduces listeners to the new sound BlondZz is experimenting with. The combination of rap and reggae creates a fresh and exciting vibe that is sure to capture the attention of fans old and new.

Sum Oda Love Ft Da Latest

Next up is “Sum Oda Love,” another collaboration with Da Latest. This track delves into the theme of love, with heartfelt lyrics and a smooth R’n’B melody. This song is a standout on the EP, demonstrating BlondZz’s growth as artists.

Sum Oda Vibes ft Da Latest

“Sum Oda Vibes” is another R’n’B track that showcases BlondZz‘s ability to evoke emotions through their music. The heartfelt lyrics combined with Da Latest‘s soulful vocals create a track that is both uplifting and introspective.

Sum Boom Ting

“Sum Boom Ting” brings a new energy to the EP, with its infectious beats and catchy hooks. This track is sure to get listeners up and dancing, showcasing BlondZz‘s ability to create music that is both fun and meaningful.

Sum Dutty Ting

Finally, we have “Sum Dutty Ting,” a track that combines BlondZz‘s signature rap sound with elements of reggae. This song is a nod to the Jamaican dance, the Dutty Wine, and is sure to get listeners moving. BlondZz‘s experimentation with different genres on this EP shows their willingness to push boundaries and try something new.

In conclusion, “Something Different” by BlondZz is a refreshing and exciting EP that showcases the band’s growth and versatility as artists. From heartfelt R’n’B tracks to infectious reggae-infused beats, this EP has something for everyone. Fans of BlondZz are sure to appreciate the new direction the band is taking with their music.

Don’t miss out on this unique and captivating EP – give “Something Different” a listen today!