In a recent triumph for Showmax‘s burgeoning local content lineup, “Tracking Thabo Bester” has soared to unprecedented success, shattering records and captivating audiences across Africa. Released as a Showmax Original documentary, the series has rapidly emerged as a cultural phenomenon, seizing the attention of viewers with its gripping narrative and compelling storytelling.

The documentary, which delves into the enigmatic case of Thabo Bester, a convicted murderer and rapist, has garnered acclaim for its meticulous investigation and revelatory insights. Unraveling the mysteries surrounding Bester’s past and his astonishing reappearance, the series has sparked widespread intrigue and fascination.

“Tracking Thabo Bester” made history on its debut, amassing an unparalleled number of first-day views on Showmax, eclipsing previous records and solidifying its status as a must-watch phenomenon. With its gripping portrayal of true crime and its exploration of complex themes, the series has captivated audiences, transcending boundaries and igniting fervent discussion.

The acclaim surrounding “Tracking Thabo Bester” underscores the burgeoning success of Showmax‘s local content strategy, which continues to redefine the landscape of African entertainment. With more than 1,300 hours of new Showmax Originals slated for release in 2024, viewers can anticipate a wealth of compelling narratives and groundbreaking storytelling.

As audiences eagerly await the next chapter in the saga of Thabo Bester, “Tracking Thabo Bester” stands as a testament to the power of storytelling and the boundless potential of African content. In a landscape marked by innovation and creativity, Showmax remains at the forefront, delivering unparalleled entertainment experiences to audiences around the world.