Andrew Emil and Glass Slipper join forces with Claude Young for timeless and soulful EP ‘Incidental Introspection’ (Release Date: April 5th, 2024), issued on Colour and Pitch. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Colour and Pitch is delighted to welcome back to the label Austin duo Glass Slipper (Lisa Cork-Twiss and Brad Eller) and Chicago producer Andrew Emil, alongside a label debut from an all-time musical hero of ours, Detroit’s own Claude Young Jr.

Glass Slipper

Ranging from 80’s-tinged boogie to House, ‘Incidental Introspection’ cooks up a truly singular, timeless fusion for 2024 and beyond. Slinky mid-tempo opener ‘Fade Out’ summons up retro Miami beach feels, while Lisa’s stunning vocal deals with the very modern issue of social media burnout.

Claude Young

‘Dancefloor Paramour’ keeps the grooves languid, while Lisa’s layered and reverb-drenched vocal summons up a dream-like and fleeting late-night encounter. Instrumental House cut ‘Unclaimed Restraint’ rolls effortlessly with a fat bass-line and dreamy classic chords.

Andrew Emil

Crushed, off-kilter drums and sparse chords introduce ‘God Only Knows’, before Lisa’s voice expresses both personal and universal existential questions like a mournful gospel confessional. Finally, Brad re-imagines ‘Dancefloor Paramour’ as a slick Disco House number, somewhat reminiscent of classic early Crazy P or Ray Mang productions.

“This EP was finished right before Covid hit in 2020 but feels timeless and I’m so excited to have it finally see the light of day”.

says Lisa Cork-Twiss.

“Claude and I had been friends for some years through our work together creating sample packs, content, videos and editorial during my days directing the digital category at Reverb. We wrote all the track skeletons during a weekend in 2019 when Claude was staying with me in Chicago, and I finished up the tracks before I sent them off to Brad and Lisa of Glass Slipper to check out. They really loved three of them, and right away recorded their contributions and sent them back. I mixed them down and they added their remix, and there this project was.”

Andrew Emil continues:

“The base tracks Andrew and Claude created were very inspiring, and Lisa never ceases to amaze me with her songwriting. I feel very lucky to be a part of this talented cohort.”

Brad concludes: