Marking label One People’s debut release, Parisian maestro Alex Wann presents the anthemic ‘Peperuke’, delivering a message of hope alongside talented singer-songwriter Nes Mburu.

Having earned nods of acclaim from discerning tastemakers including superstar Kelis and the revered Keinemusik, Alex makes his debut on One People, the new label about the take the Afro-house world by storm.

In a realm of evocative storytelling and rhythmic magic enters One People, an Afrocentric record label birthed in the spirit of unity and the legacy of dance music institution Defected Records. At its core, One People is more than a label; it represents a vibrant tapestry of unique stories and artists with aims to unite creatives from across the globe.

Setting the tone for the label’s grand vision, its debut release manifests a sonic celebration and melodic groove that honours its African influence. With the standard now set for showcasing only the best of the genre, One People’s aims of pioneering the Afro-electronic sound on a global stage have only just begun.

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