Introducing Chopstar‘s latest EP – ‘The Music Remains,’ a captivating journey that marks a significant shift in his artistic expression. Departing from his familiar Afro-Tech sound, this release unveils a pensive and mature side to Chopstar, delving into emotions that resonate beyond the club-centric beats. The mood is introspective, mature, and emotionally charged, offering listeners a glimpse into a different facet of Chopstar‘s creativity.

“Dream Keys,” a collaborative effort between Chopstar and recent Sondela debutant: Atmos Blaq. Both hailing from Soweto, the two producers created a synergy that speaks to their shared musical language. Chopstar‘s respect for Atmos Blaq as a producer shines through in the harmonious blend of their creative energies as they deliver an uplifting symphony to open the EP.

In “You Don’t Mean Nothing,” Chopstar presents an optimistic anthem within the EP and features a distinct vocal chant. This energetic piece stands out as Chopstar’s personal favourite, with the chords resonating deeply with him. A testament to the versatility within the EP, this track adds a burst of positivity to the overall narrative.

The EP takes a personal turn with “About Life,” a poignant reflection on a challenging period for Chopstar. This track marks a turning point in the artist’s perspective on the industry, as he navigates feelings of sadness and disappointment from those he once admired. The melancholy state conveyed in the music mirrors the emotional depth of this transformative period. 

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