David Mayer‘s ‘Fantom’ EP, delivers more than just beats – It’s a stripped-down, honest exploration of personal growth and a search for peace, condensed into two powerful tracks. The EP is raw, channeling challenges faced since 2020 into music that’s both introspective and danceable.

The opening track, ‘Don’t Need Your Love,’ emerges with stark clarity. Imagine a synth line, born from a sudden epiphany, cutting through the night. Here, Mayer captures the essence of the initial creative spark, resisting overproduction and preserving the raw emotion. It’s a fleeting dream brought to life, its ethereal beauty leaving a lasting impression.

‘Algo’ takes a darker turn. A haunting saxophone sample sets the stage for a moody, funky exploration. Picture a dimly lit alleyway, the saxophone’s melancholic cry guiding your steps as the funky undertones keep you moving. This is Mayer collaborating with the sample, allowing it to lead him down a path of sonic discovery and surprise.

‘Fantom’ is an invitation for you to delve into your own experiences. Mayer hopes listeners connect with the underlying yearning for peace, using it as a springboard for self-discovery.

Stream / Download: https://sondelarecordings.komi.io/