Africa‘s music scene is a sonic melting pot, where rhythms collide and cultures connect. It’s a universal language, a force that breaks boundaries and fuels the soul. This sonic tapestry isn’t just diverse – it’s explosive.

Afrobeats and Amapiano own the spotlight right now. Those irresistible Afrobeats hooks? They’ve got the whole world dancing. And Amapiano’s hypnotic blend of South African house and street sounds? It’s straight-up addictive.

Mainstream African artists are pushing the boundaries like no one else, taking Amapiano and running with it. They’re injecting their own fire, creating a whole new flavour. This is proof that African music is a living, breathing thing – always evolving, always surprising, always rooted in the soul.

But here’s the thing: Afrobeats and Amapiano are just the tip of the iceberg. Africa‘s bursting with underground talent, artists blending tradition with raw energy. We’re talking R&B, EDM, Lekompo, Asakaa, Dancehall, Fuji, Gqom among others.  

Music fans, it’s time to delve deeper! Beyond the mainstream spotlight, a treasure trove of music awaits. Platforms like Spotify‘s Fresh Finds curate playlists specifically highlighting these emerging artists, eager to share their unique sounds with the world. So, don’t limit yourself – explore, discover, and immerse yourself in the incredible diversity that African music has to offer.

Here are some of the emerging artists creating diverse and evolving sounds across sub-Saharan Africa (SSA) to discover and explore:

Kaestyle, a Nigerian recording artist and music producer hailing from Port Harcourt city, reflects his relaxed personality through his music. His smooth vocals, leaning towards R&B and soul, greatly influence his musical style. With exceptional penmanship and prowess, Kaestyle is carving a niche for himself in Nigeria‘s growing music industry. His latest release, Egberi is a fusion of highlife and drill, showcasing his versatility and innovation.

Kold AF is an emerging artist renowned for her unique blend of soul, dancehall, and R&B. She stands out as one of the burgeoning stars in Nigeria’s vibrant music landscape. To date, she has delivered two captivating projects: her two-song EP Kold Szn in 2022 and her collaborative EP with French producer BGRZ, titled Kollide, released in 2023.

Sigag Lauren is a Nigerian EDM producer, DJ, singer, and songwriter. He is renowned for his innovative production style and versatility in blending various genres. His talent for crafting infectious beats and captivating soundscapes has earned him widespread admiration among his audience. Sigag has released numerous new singles in addition to his album. The upbeat song Minds Already Made Up has an addictive groove that will have listeners dancing.

Kah-lo is a dance music artist whose music stands out with its unique style. Despite not being widely popular in Nigeria, her exceptional talent earned her a Grammy Nomination for her work with British DJ Riton Rinse and Repeat. She released her debut album Pain and Pleasure in 2023.  

Yaadman popularly known as Yung L is a dancehall and reggae artist born in Jos, Plateau State. Despite his longevity in the industry, he consistently exudes the vibrant energy of a new artist with each release. 

With his recent release, “Yes Indeed Deluxe” , he reminds his listeners why he is loved by many. 

Lemon Adisa is a captivating performer known for skillfully blending traditional African rhythms with modern influences using his dynamic voice. He effortlessly merges fuji with genres like Afrobeats, R&B, and hip-hop, creating a unique and engaging musical fusion. He recently released a body of work called “Yeebo“. 

Kharishma is certainly Lekompo’s leading lady and to that effect, has been dominating the music charts and is currently one of the genre’s artists to watch. While Lekompo is not yet widely recognised, there is no denying it is gaining popularity.  Kharishma‘s career as an artist is growing alongside it.  Her notable songs include ”Matome” and ”Sekoloto”, and the latter is credited with introducing her unique vocal style to a wider audience. 

Mr Thela, a Gqom DJ and producer from the mother city’s independently released album Tronics Land Series 2 placed him in the success circle of Gqom music. He first hit the music scene a few years ago in 2020 with the South African Music Awards nominated album, Make Cape Town Great Again. One of his popular songs ”Kwandonga Ziyaduma” extends, musically speaking, the popular Nguni phrase usually used to refer to Johannesburg‘s way of life, its synonymity with the fast life. 

Known for her soothing sounds, BET Africa Soul Cypher alum Filah Lah Lah is a vastly talented Rhythm and Blues artist who recently inked a music deal with Sony Africa, her talent extends beyond just singing.  She writes with such compassion, parallel to writing synonymous with the 40s and 60s. 

Her recent release “Call Me” is a  perfect example.  

Lwah Ndlunkulu is known for infusing traditional elements in her music. A perfect example of an artist intersecting traditional music and modern sounds, in her case Maskandi and Afropop. She had a fantastic year as a featured artist on the South African Maskandi hit song Paris with Mthandeni SK. Lwah Ndlunkulu‘s “Ithuba” permeates the music atmosphere, from Kwazulu Natal to Gauteng while “Ngiyeza” just draws you in from the first note. 

Lasmid emerges as one of Ghana‘s hiplife sensations, climbing charts with his breakout song Friday Night. His victory in MTN Hitmaker catapulted him into the spotlight, solidifying his status as a rising star. Since then, he has gone on to deliver several chart topping songs. 

Leading producer, DESIREE which is pronounced: Dez Ir Ray, is prominent in the EDM space. Known for her enthralling sets, DESIREE’s Psilocybin got Mzansi dancing. DESIREE’s career has seen her consistently performing dance music at sought-after music leaning venues around the world.

Jay Bhad is a Ghanaian artist known for his work in the Asakaa genre, Ghanaian drill music which fuses elements of drill instrumentation with hiplife melodies. He was raised in the ghetto of Kumasi in the Ashanti region of Ghana and has seen his life transformed when he started music. His music reflects his view of the environment he grew up in, it being his biggest influence. Jay Bhad has hit songs like Condemn and Y3 Y3 Dom to his credit.

With Afrobeats and Amapiano taking the world by storm, it’s time for music enthusiasts to discover the boundary-breaking emerging artists and genres shaping the future of music.