Across the river Mersey, a broadcast beams out of Transmission Towers. Signalling the arrival of a new transcendent machine soul duo and their forthcoming debut album Transmission One, the grooves of ‘Roller Skater 23’ (Release Date: 21/02/2024) reverberate into the atmosphere. Laced up, strapped in, this is a cosmic cruiser to soundtrack your ride on the interstellar airwaves.

Transmission Towers, operated by Mark Kyriacou and Eleanor Mante, brings together two artists who collaborated over 10 years ago and stayed friends ever since. This new project, which also marks the first release on Luke Una’s new É Soul Cultura label, orbits a synthesised world won over by soul. Giving a first taste of what’s to come on their forthcoming album, the lead single is an outer planetary excursion taking in off-kilter E soul, tripped-out astral punk and sonic Afrofuturism.

Machines melding with emotions, Mark programming the synthesisers and drum machines as Eleanor lays down the lyrical radiance. Galactic keys, hyperspace basslines and celestial strings, it’s the kind of otherworldly energy that transports your mind to another dimension.

Amplifying this first transmission as far as it can possibly reach, Crooked Man aka Parrot has been brought in on mix down duties. Combined with a heavyweight mastering by Joker, ‘Roller Skater 23’ is destined to command dancefloors and capture minds wherever it is received.