Once Upon A Time in Johannesburg presents Xavier Omar, a collaboration between Doctor Bird Productions and French For New that aims to celebrate the deep connection that South Africans have with R&B music. This event is for both lovers and friends, set against the backdrop of the Field & Study Park in Sandton. The headliner for this exciting event is the Blind Man-singer/songwriter, Xavier Omar, previously known as SPZRKT, who is renowned for his unique brand of contemporary R&B.

Xavier Omar, a highly expressive contemporary R&B artist, has worked with notable artists like Masego and Mereba. His mesmerizing vocals and soulful lyrics are sure to captivate the audience on March 2nd at the Once Upon A Time in Johannesburg event. Get ready to be enchanted by his heartfelt performances and electric stage presence.

Supporting Acts:

  1. Lordkez: Lordkez, an accomplished R&B musician, poet, and visual artist, brings a unique storytelling element to her soulful vocals, making her a well-rounded artist that audiences love.
  2. Marcus Harvey: Hailing from Gomora, Marcus Harvey shines in South Africa’s music scene with his extraordinary vocal prowess and skill in songwriting and production. A true force in the industry, Marcus fuses English with vernac to create a distinct style that sets him apart.
  3. Simmy: With vocals that evoke emotion and passion, Simmy‘s house-infused love songs resonate with everyday South Africans. Inspired by her father’s music, Simmy crafts songs that speak to the heart and soul.
  4. Fif Laaa: A renowned radio DJ with expertise in Hip Hop and R&B, Fif Laaa curates unforgettable playlists that promise an exceptional experience at the event.
  5. Nouveaux: Genre-defying creators of Soundset Sunday, Nouveaux has over seven years in the DJ scene and delivers a unique set that keeps the audience grooving.
  6. loveslavephola: A DJ, content creator, and co-founder of Homie.Lover.Friend, loveslavephola‘s passion for love and music shines through her work, making her a perfect fit for the Once Upon A Time in Johannesburg stage.

Phase 1 tickets are sold out, but Phase 2 tickets are available for R550. Get your tickets now at Quicket. Phase 3 tickets will be priced at R750 and will be released soon. The event takes place on March 2nd, 2024, starting at 12pm and ending at 7pm. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable experience.

The countdown has begun, and we are just two weeks away from Once Upon A Time in Johannesburg. Join us for a day filled with soulful music, incredible performances, and a celebration of R&B. Get your tickets now and be part of this fantastic event!