Music publishing can be extremely complex and tricky, and is oft-times misunderstood by artists. Considering the importance of music publishing in a songwriter’s career, it cannot be overlooked. Although we have industry professionals who are there to assist, it is equally important that the artist knows what is going on in the business side of their career.

Music education plays a vital role in building a sustainable career as a songwriter. Recognising this need, Sheer Publishing Africa – one of Africa‘s largest independent Publishing houses – has teamed up with the Academy of Sound Engineering (ASE) to broaden their scope in music education, particularly in the field of music publishing.

The main aim is to establish a partnership aimed at fostering knowledge sharing, nurturing educational initiatives and facilitating industry-relevant experiences for students in the realms of music, theatre, and publishing.

“As the third-largest music publisher, and the largest independent music publisher in the country, Sheer Publishing makes the ideal partner for our students to broaden their knowledge, many of whom are not only artists and producers but also composers.”

Nick Matzukis, Director of the ASE,explains,

In this exciting new venture, students will now have the opportunity to be exposed to the inner workings of the music publishing industry before they graduate. This includes Sheer Masterclasses which will be incorporated into the ASE’s curriculum, as well as the participation of guest lecturers, offering strong mentorship support.

“In our partnership with the Academy of Sound Engineering, we aspire to forge a pathway of opportunity for burgeoning talents in the South African music scene. Through immersive masterclasses, empowering workshops, and meaningful industry engagements, Sheer Publishing Africa is committed to not just preparing the next generation for the realities of the industry, but to ignite a passion for excellence and professionalism that will propel them to greater heights of creativity and success. We also commend the quality of graduates produced by the ASE. Their track record speaks volumes about their commitment to excellence and their ability to nurture top-tier talent. Together, we aim to build on this legacy, fostering a new generation of music industry professionals who are passionate about pushing the boundaries of creativity.”

Thando Makhunga, Managing Director at Sheer Publishing Africa, says,
Thando Makhunga Photo By Isense Photography

“We believe that we are the only institution in South Africa that properly covers all aspects of music publishing, music copyrights and contracts.”

Matzukis adds,

Acting as a major cross-road for music education, ASE will continue to expand their scope, encouraging the growth of their students to provide a good foundation for a flourishing career in music.