SculputuredMusic is one of South Africa’s generational talents when it comes to sound, radio and house music, who was born in Mpumalanga. His stars were aligned and destined taking inspiration form the godfather of house music like Frankie Knuckles; Kerri Chandler, Ron Trent, Jimpster, MWA just to name a few – proud of his musical odyssey.

SculputuredMusic has an inspirational and incredible music story which has seen him raise from a music lover to a magically music legend, who is highly and greatly regarded by his follow peers in the South African industry and local and international house music scene.

The latest album ‘Reputation’ rewards house music heads, music lovers and anyone who has a sublime appreciation for music that makes the soul dance and the heart smile hence, which serves as SculputuredMusic‘s fifth studio album, inducting him as a house music connoisseur whose scintillating sounds speak to us and transcends us to a musical fastlane of dance, joy and overflow.

The long walk to musical excellence and freedom that SculpturedMusic aka Willy Lubisi has travelled can be appreciated and cherished in the amazing audio architecture that has been musical engineered in ‘Reputation’, which has been soulfully inspired by his love of house music, and his almost two decades in radio and entertainment.

This 5th album release from this South African house music connoisseur allows us to celebrate and share stories about a passionate human, DJ, producer, artist and creative, who put blood, sweat and tears to have a breakthrough as one of the finest sound engineer on radio and become one of the greatest house music practitioners from South Africa.

‘Reputation’ features world class vocalist from Ziyon to the Legendary Robert Owens, C Robert Walker and the smooth voice from Jaidene Veda.

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