In the realm of contemporary South African music, a standout luminary emerges from the scenic province of Mpumalanga – the exceptionally talented artist known as Skroofman. Gaining widespread recognition and acclaim, Skroofman is currently riding the crest of a musical wave, propelled by his latest release, titled Impande yesono. Collaborating with the dynamic and prolific Rhee Da DJ, Skroofman takes listeners on a sonic journey leaving an indelible mark on the ever-evolving landscape of Amapiano.

Drawing inspiration from his roots in Mpumalanga, Skroofman brings a unique perspective and authenticity to his craft. It’s in this picturesque backdrop that his passion for music was nurtured, and his artistic expression flourished. As an artist dedicated to pushing boundaries and defying conventions, Skroofman‘s commitment to musical innovation is evident in the intricacies of Impande yesono.

This track boasts an exciting fusion of Rhee Da DJ‘s magnetic vocals on the hook, complemented by Skroofman‘s enthralling lyrics, all set against the backdrop of a masterful production by Romeo King. Impande yesono is more than just a song; it’s a proper piano experience guaranteed to set the dance floor ablaze.

Skroofman, renowned for his critically acclaimed single Impilo featuring Ntsiki Mazwai, attributes his musical passion to his ekasi roots. In an environment where experimental music is embraced by many but pursued by only a few due to the financial challenges of breaking into the industry, Skroofman remains a trailblazer.

Skroofman continues to challenge the status quo with his music and if this new single is anything to go by, he is set to spearhead the new wave of piano music infused with kwaito elements.

More Than Just Music 

When Skrooofman isn’t rhyming, he’s a devoted father who enjoys spending time with his family and helping upcoming artists in his community. He’s a well-rounded artist with a genuine love for his craft and his community.

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