Leo Guardo, Dr Feel, and Toshi have come together to release their captivating new single titled “Yolanda.” This soulful Afro house masterpiece will transport you to a world of warm vibes and enchanting beats. With its unique blend of African and northern influences, “Yolanda” is a must-listen track that will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression.

Leo Guardo

Leo Guardo expresses his intention to create a highly emotional song with “Yolanda.” By collaborating with Dr Feel, known for his beautiful and profound vibe, and featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Toshi, Leo has successfully crafted a musical piece that resonates deeply with listeners. The rich soundscape of afro house music, combined with Toshi‘s captivating voice, adds an authentic South African touch to the track.

Dr Feel

Leo Guardo wanted to infuse “Yolanda” with a fresh feel while maintaining the essence of afro house music. His vision for the song involved creating a beautiful and lush sound that would captivate audiences. This attention to detail and innovation shines through in every note and beat, making “Yolanda” a standout track in the genre.

“Yolanda” is a song that takes you on a musical journey. From the moment you press play, you will be transported to a world where soulful beats and warm vibes collide. The smooth melodies and rhythmic elements seamlessly blend together to create an immersive experience. Allow yourself to surrender to the music and let it carry you away.

Arcade Saiyans

In addition to the original version of “Yolanda,” Leo Guardo, Dr Feel, and Toshi‘s collaboration also includes an exciting remix by Arcade Saiyans. This remix brings a fresh perspective to the song, adding new layers of energy and excitement. It serves as a testament to the versatility of “Yolanda” and showcases the creativity of all the artists involved.

“Yolanda” is released under the esteemed Villahangar Records. Known for their support of talented artists and their commitment to showcasing the best of the electronic music scene, Villahangar Records serves as the perfect platform for Leo Guardo, Dr Feel, and Toshi‘s latest creation. The label’s dedication to quality and excellence ensures that “Yolanda” receives the recognition it deserves.


Leo Guardo, Dr Feel, and Toshi have delivered a truly mesmerizing Afro house masterpiece with their single “Yolanda.” This captivating track showcases their immense talent and creative vision. With its soulful beats, warm vibes, and unique blend of African and northern influences, “Yolanda” is a testament to the beauty and power of Afro house music. Immerse yourself in this musical journey and let the captivating sounds of Leo Guardo, Dr Feel, and Toshi transport you to new heights.

Stream / Download: https://yolanda.fanlink.to/LeoGuardo