The Tech & Tourism Conference, scheduled for February 22 2024, in Johannesburg South Africa, receives resounding support and endorsement from prominent associations, including the Association of Southern African Travel Agents (ASATA).

In an official letter addressed, ASATA, a leading advocate for the travel industry in Southern Africa, expressed their endorsement of the Tech & Tourism Conference, emphasizing the conference’s alignment with the pivotal role of technology in shaping the future of tourism.

The endorsement letter from ASATA highlights the association’s commitment to fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence within the travel sector. ASATA recognizes the Tech & Tourism Conference as a valuable platform that reflects the industry’s evolving landscape, providing a forum for professionals and stakeholders to gain insights, engage in knowledge-sharing, and establish meaningful networking opportunities.

“As shared with us, the agenda and focus areas of the conference demonstrate a thoughtful curation of timely and relevant topics to the evolving landscape of the travel and tourism industry. This event should provide invaluable insights, promote knowledge-sharing, and facilitate networking opportunities for professionals and stakeholders from various sectors,”

stated the ASATA endorsement letter

David Frost, CEO of SATSA (The South African Tourism Services Association) and the Africa Tourism Association, also shared his perspective:

“SATSA is thrilled to support The Tech and Tourism Conference focussing on how technology enables deeper and more immersive travel experiences. As tourists increasingly seek authentic and meaningful engagement with destinations, innovation and digital progress allow us to satisfy this demand creatively while preserving the unique culture of our respective regions.

By unlocking cultural insights and access to diverse locales, technology catalyses tourism expenditure, benefitting local economies and uplifting tourism.”

The Tech & Tourism Conference is honoured to receive such significant support from ASATA, Tshwane Tourism Association, further solidifying the event’s position as a pivotal gathering for leaders, innovators, and professionals in the travel and technology sectors.

“We extend our sincere gratitude to ASATA, Tshwane Tourism Association, and other endorsing associations for their invaluable support of the Tech & Tourism Conference. Their endorsements underscore the conference’s relevance and impact on the future of travel and technology,”.

said Carmen Davids, CEO, WilliamDavid Travel & Co-Founder of the Tech & Tourism Conference

The conference promises to provide a platform for thought leaders, industry experts, and stakeholders to explore the intersection of technology and tourism, fostering collaboration, knowledge sharing, and innovation.

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