The 2023 Spotify Wrapped Party, the IRL version of the Spotify Wrapped campaign, took centre stage at Fox Street, Johannesburg on Thursday 14 December evening, with the venue having been transformed into a vibrant hub for music enthusiasts. The purpose of the event was clear – to celebrate the remarkable growth of local music in South Africa throughout the year.

Wrapped Mini-Mart Photo By Art Villain

The festivities commenced as attendees, spanning different generations, flooded the venue,  with the staff donning colourful Wrapped-themed shirts. The dance floor, initially partly populated, gradually filled with energy as the talented DJ, Success, curated an Amapiano playlist, setting the perfect tone for the evening.

A-Reece Photo By Art Villain

The venue exuded a unique atmosphere with kasi spaza-themed decor, aligning seamlessly with the Wrapped theme. The outside area, equipped with benches for relaxation and dining, offered a breath of fresh air. Colourful strobing lights dominated the venue, immersing everyone in a visual spectacle. An arcade game, table tennis and a photobooth added interactive elements to the night, enhancing the overall entertainment experience.

Crowd at 2023 Spotify Wrapped Party Photo By Art Villain

At 8 pm, a shift in ambiance occurred as the lights bathed the venue in a cool blue hue, marking the commencement of the headline performances. 

Crowd at 2023 Spotify Wrapped Party Photo By Art Villain

Chley took the stage, drawing the crowd rapidly to the dance floor. The anticipation reached its peak as Hip-Hop star A-Reece, donned in a vibrant red ensemble, delivered a memorable performance, featuring hits like ParadiseAmeniand Collec Call which got his fans singing.

Maglera Doe Boy Photo By Art Villain

Following Reece’s performance, Nomuzi “Moozlie” Mabena, the lively MC, engaged the crowd by announcing South Africa‘s most-streamed albums and artists, creating an interactive and celebratory atmosphere. She then announced the next act, Kelvin Momo, who was the fourth most streamed South African artist in South Africa in 2023. 

Kabza De Small Photo By Art Villain

Kelvin Momo‘s set featured his private school piano which added a dynamic touch to the event, and the crowd swayed and jammed to the chilled Amapiano beats. Hip-Hop act Maglera Doe Boy took the stage next, delivering a spirited performance of 018Makazana, and Ntja’ka alongside Moozlie.

Photo By Art Villain

The pinnacle of the evening arrived with Kabza de Small, South Africa‘s most-streamed South African artist for 2023, igniting the crowd with sing-along moments to hits like Asibe Happy, Nana ThulaeMcimbini, and many more. The spiritual element of Kabza’s songs created oneness amongst the fans which was evident in their enjoyment of his songs. 

Makhadzi Photo By Art Villain

Makhadzi‘s energetic performance, accompanied by passionate dancers, sustained the excitement. The Limpopo native gave fans a performance to remember as she not only climbed up the stage, but brought along a fan from the crowd to sing and dance with her. 

“Spotify Wrapped is our biggest global campaign each year, and it is always such a pleasure to bring it to life for the fans who kept streaming all year long, and the artists who ensured we had music for every occasion,”.

says Sithabile Kachisa, Spotify’s Marketing Lead, Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

As the night progressed, Thakzin took over, creating a more relaxed vibe with a blend of Amapiano and deep house. The crowd continued to dance, bringing the 2023 Spotify Wrapped Party to a memorable close.

Thakzin Photo By Art Villain

The event that was a dynamic celebration of the growth of local music in South Africa through diverse sounds, enthusiastic performances, and shared love for the soundtracks of 2023 made it a night to remember, amplifying the impact of the Spotify Wrapped campaign.