In the grand tapestry of electronic music, Mr. Feels, known as Trevor G, emerges as a maestro of the minimal and deep tech realms. With a sonic fingerprint that resonates in the intricacies of his compositions, Trevor G. is set to etch a new chapter in the history of Selville Records. The impending release of his Afro Tech EP marks a milestone for both artist and label, as it not only signifies the inaugural Afro Tech venture for Trevor G, but also stands as Selville Records’ pioneering foray into this rhythmically rich and culturally resonant genre.

As the final crescendo of our musical journey through 2023, Trevor G.’s Afro Tech EP becomes a defining punctuation, concluding the year with a flourish of innovation and sonic exploration. This release not only encapsulates the artist’s mastery of the minimal and deep tech sound but also signifies a bold step into uncharted territory with the Afro Tech infusion. It’s a testament to Selville Records’ commitment to pushing boundaries and embracing the diversity of electronic music. With each beat and melody, Trevor G. invites listeners into a realm where history is made, marking this EP as a unique and momentous blend of tradition and trailblazing in the electronic music landscape.

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