In a show-stopping celebration of luxury, Bisquit & Dubouché rolled out the red carpet for an unforgettable A Story to Sip experience at Konka on 26 November 2023. This exclusive event wasn’t just a showcase of the brand’s VSOP and XO offerings, but also a convergence of high fashion, creative excellence, and contemporary luxury set against the backdrop of Johannesburg’s premier venue, Konka.

Konka (a word that translates to “to conquer” in Setswana) is the pinnacle of local luxury, mirroring the core ethos of Bisquit & Dubouché. Both Konka and Bisquit & Dubouché are grounded in the pursuit of excellence, consistently setting the bar higher and embodying relentless ambition. From the dazzling guest list and the fleet of Mercedes Benzes to performances by DJ Black Coffee, Kabza, and Dlala Thukzin, every aspect of the evening was meticulously curated to embody the sophistication synonymous with Bisquit & Dubouché. 

The VIP guest list featured Kwesta, who serves as the Bisquit & Dubouché Global Ambassador, alongside artist Anathi, local tastemaker Chef Thando and visual artist Wonder Buhle. Upon arrival, guests were met with the latest Mercedes Benz range, symbolising the perfect balance between cutting-edge design, the cult-favourite following of Konka, and the timeless sophistication of Bisquit & Dubouché. The night kicked off with a brand installation at the entrance alongside an immersive activation by the local streetwear brand, Boys Of Soweto. As guests ventured inside, they were greeted by custom plaques emblazoned with lyrics by Kwesta. The artistic portrayal of Kwesta‘s words not only celebrated the synergy between music and Bisquit & Dubouché, but was also an immersive experience that invited guests to connect with the brand.

Throughout the evening, guests were treated to a selection of canapés paired with signature Bisquit & Dubouché cocktails. They sipped on the Peach Hi-Ball, a blend of Bisquit & Dubouché VS, peach, lemon, and ginger beer for a refreshing twist. The Vintage Coco offered a tropical mix of Bisquit & Dubouché VS, pineapple, coconut, yuzu, and lime. The third cocktail, the King’s Park Swizzle, combined Bisquit & Dubouché VS with passion fruit, rich vanilla, Angostura bitters, and mint for a unique flavour experience. Each cocktail showcased the smooth, rich taste of Bisquit & Dubouché VS, epitomising the brand’s commitment to innovation and passion for pushing the boundaries of traditional cognac experiences.

Throughout the evening, only two select expressions from Bisquit & Dubouché were available for purchase – the VSOP and the XO. Bisquit & Dubouché VSOP, a true gem within the brand’s collection, has solidified its reputation through a meticulous ageing process of a minimum of four years. This process, combined with exceptional ingredients and unmatched craftsmanship, results in a cognac defined by its complexity and depth. At the pinnacle of their collection stands Bisquit & Dubouché XO. This extraordinary cognac is distinguished by an ageing process of at least 10 years, making it the epitome of elegance and refinement. 

Adding a touch of thrill to the event, guests who purchased a bottle of Bisquit & Dubouché were entered into a draw for the coveted golden ticket, a passport to an all-expenses-paid luxury getaway to Cape Town for two. This extraordinary journey includes a hotel stay, return flights, a Cabo beach experience, a quad bike ride in the Atlantis dunes, a visit to the Ziets Mocca Museum, and additional spending money.

Each beat, savoured sip, and unforgettable moment of the evening unfolded as a series of chapters in Bisquit & Dubouché’s A Story to Sip narrative. Here, Bisquit & Dubouché once again redefined the art of celebration and brought together a community of ambitious trendsetters, tastemakers, and trailblazers who share a passion for the finer things in life.

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